How To Create A Quality Post

This is how to create a quality post.

1. First you need to add a photo or a picture of the topic you are doing. If your post doesn’t need a photo or a picture just don’t add it.

2. Secondly you need to think of a description of how to describe the photo or picture and task.

3. Finally you need to add a question at the end. This makes a conversation so a friend can comment on your blog. Make sure it is a opened ended question and not a yes or no answer.

Don’t forget to add a tag or category at the end.

What do you think a quality post is?



  1. Dear Eden,
    That post was very great. I think a quality post is all that you said. I have nothing to worry about when I write a post!
    From Louise.

  2. Dear Eden,
    I think that a quality post is exactly what you talked about in your post.

    From Caity.

  3. Hi Eden,
    I think that a quality post is a post that includes all of the things that you wrote. I think that this was a great post good job.
    From Eloise

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