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On the 05/08/15  all of the grade fives had a leardership day at Montmorency Secondary College. It was a really fun day. My favourite activities were the M&M challenge and playing cops and robbers. Some of the leadership strategies we learnt about were initiative, persistence, communication, cooperation different strategies and teamwork. To learn these leadership strategies we got split into colour groups. I was in yellow. We had to complete different activities using these strategies. The activities were really fun. Montmorency Secondary College is such a great school.

What leadership activity did you like best?


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  1. Hi Eden,
    My favorite activity was the Flying Blinds, because we worked as a team and I won the raft game! I also liked the Jewel Thief and the MnM race, because they were just really fun! I really want to be a leader next year, and Montmorency taught me a lot!
    From Louise.

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