Haiku Poems

Today in class we did Haiku poems. Haiku is a Japanese word. A Haiku poem has three lines. Each line has to have a certain amount of syllables. The first line has to have five syllables, the  second line has to have seven syllables and the third line has to have five syllables.

We had to write five different Haiku poems and then we had to choose our favourite one.This is my favourite Haiku Poem.

                                                    Spring Has Come!

        Spring is beautiful 

                                       Flowers, blossoms you can play all day

                                                Flowers bloom all days 


What was your favourite Haiku poem?


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  1. Hi Eden,
    That was a great poem and post that you made.
    My favourite poem was also my one that was on Spring because I think that it is my best one and that I did the best job on it.
    From Eloise.

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