Leadership Talk- Mrs Montgomery

Today our principal Mrs Montgomery came to speak to the grade 5s about leadership. Now I am going to explain the 7 things Mrs Montgomery talked about.

1. Honesty: Mrs Montgomery talked about being honest. It is better to tell the truth than tell a lie. You get in more trouble you tell a lie. You have to be honest to your fellow students.

2. Listening: As a leader you need to listen. The teacher might be telling you something important and you need to listen. If they talk for a long time take some notes.

3. Trust your friends: If you become a leader people are trusting you to do that role well. I am the JSC and my class are trusting me to do my role properly. You also need to trust other leaders.

4. Staying strong: Mrs Montgomery talked about staying strong. It is not physically strong it is mentally strong. If you don’t get a leadership role you have to prepare yourself. If you get the job you prepare yourself for that as well.

.5. Sense of humour: To be a you are going to need a bit of humour. If you are not going to have a bit of humour what is the point of having fun with your friends.

6. Teamwork: Teamwork is a big part of leadership. If you don’t cooperate with other people it is not going to get you anywhere in the future. Every leadership position has more than one person so you need to work well with people.

7. Focusing on what is important: If you are wanting to be a leader you need to make sure you are going to focus. If you don’t focus you won’t know what to do.


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