Leadership talk- Policeman Shawn

Today a policeman Sean came to talk to the grade 5s about leadership and what leadership means to him.  He talked about three main things. I will list them now.

1. Shy- challenge yourself: Sean talked about when he was little he was very shy. But now he is so confident and is a Sargent in the police. He spoke about when he was captain for a football team and challenged himself. The message he was trying to tell us was always challenge yourself.

2. Police officers- role model: Next Sean talked about what he does as a police and the role he plays. We learnt that if you tell someone to not do something than you do it,mint isn’t setting a good example. If you want someone to do something do it yourself.

3. Leadership course: Sean taught us lead by example. If you want to be a good leader st an example. Set that example yourself. If you want someone to do something do it yourself. You can be a leader without a badge. Challenge yourself.

Some similarities for both talks was that they both talked about setting a good example and being a good role model. Something different about the talks was that they are leaders for different committees.


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