VSSEC- Excursion



Yesterday we went on an excursion with 5V. We got there and they introduced themselves. There was two activities that we did. The first one we did was Serious Science.

In serious science we made a dancing robot and learnt about static electricity. Static electricity is caused by a build of positive and negative charges. Then we got a ballon and had to rub it against our heads and to see if it repels or attracts something.

After we had snack we had another session of serious science. In this session we learnt how to make a dancing robot and how to make a light bulb work.

First we did how to make a light bulb work. We had to clip the alligator clips to the end of the battery and the clip the other side of the alligator clips to the light bulb. That’s how we made it work.

Then we had to make a dancing robot. We had to get a CD and stick the motor on the CD. Then we had to stick the battery onto the other side of the CD. After we did that we had to clip the alligator clips to the battery and the motor. Then it worked.

After lunch we had the Mission To Mars activity. First we had to put on our space suits, then we got put into groups. First I was in Earth (Mission Control). Our job was to make sure everyone was alright on Mars.

Then I went to Mars. On mars our job was to find examples of Mars’s soil, water and other things. My job was to find out about the soil on Mars.

Then it was the end of the day.




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