This is where I will be writing my weekly reflection on our group’s challenge.

Week 1 Reflection

Today the 21/08/15 we did our CBL task. I am in a group with Theodora, Liam D and Kyle Yi. Our task is to find a solution to help the environment. Our group came up with three solutions those were stop printing for a day, collecting batteries and ice cream buckets under the drinking taps. The one that my group chose was collecting batteries to send down to Aldi because Aldi has a battery collection box. Something that I would like to archive next week is at least to get up to the processing part of the Keynote. I am really enjoying this activity it is really fun.

Are you enjoying this activity?

Week 2 Reflection

This week we continued working on our challenge. Today my group the #eco learners got our work approved. We are working really well together and we are getting a lot of work done. I think that we chose a really good solution on collecting batteries. I think it is a good choice because it helps the environment and everyone can do it. From last weeks reflection I think we are up to date and we have done the processing part. This activity is really fun.

What is your groups solution?

Week 3 Reflection

This week we continued doing our CBL challenge. Me and my group called Aldi to see if they could donate a prize for the winning person. We also told Aldi that we were recycling batteries to them. Today Friday they called back and said they would love to donate a prize to our school. They were really exited that we chose to recycle batteries to them. Aldi want a photo of use to put in the Aldi newsletter. This week doing the CBL challenge was really exciting.



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